Linux Distributions


We’ll be slowly adding links to different Linux distributions here, together with brief descriptions of each one.

Arch Linux

Download Arch Linux


Based on the same technology behind Google’s ChromeOS, CloudReady turns your existing computer into a Chromebook.

Download CloudReady

Cub Linux

A combination of Chromium and Ubuntu? That’s cub Linux, a browser based OS with the power of Ubuntu.

Download Cub Linux


Download Fedora

Linux Mint

Download Linux Mint


Ubuntu is a good all round Linux operating system. It’s simple to use and has a lot of support, which helps to explain its popularity.

Download Ubuntu

Ubuntu Flavours

As well as the standard Ubuntu mentioned above, Ubuntu also comes in many different flavours. Each has their own unique qualities and purpose in life.

Lubuntu is a light weight version of Ubuntu, which is useful if you are going to run it on old or low spec’d hardware.

Download Lubuntu


Zorin (based on Ubuntu) has been designed to look and feel similar to Windows XP and Windows 7. It does the job quite well too.

Download Zorin

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