PC Support

If your PC or laptop is feeling blue, you don’t have to and if you are in West Sussex we will can come to you! Call us now for help.

Upgrades and Set Up

Have you just purchased a new piece of software or hardware? Are you unsure how to install it?

Have you recently changed your broadband provider and need help getting it set up?

Does taking apart your PC to install your new RAM make you uneasy? Alan’s IT Solutions can perform the installation for you and take the stress out of upgrading.

Support Agreements

When you are in business and need help fast, it pays to have a support agreement in place. Take the stress and worry out of your daily business by knowing that we are there to help you when you need it.

Our remote support plans are competitively priced, starting from £30 a month.

To find out more, please use the contacts page to get in touch.

WordPress Maintenance Agreements

WordPressIf you have a WordPress site, are you making sure it is up to date? What about the WordPress themes and plugins you have installed?

Making sure everything is up to date is a very sensible thing to do, because periodic security updates become available that fix security vulnerabilities.

If you are unsure how to update your site, or do not have the time to do it yourself, we can handle the maintenance of your site for you. We will check for updates on a regular basis and apply them for you. We will also ensure backups are made before any major WordPress upgrades too.

All of this for just £20 + VAT per month. Call us now to take away the hassle and stay protected.